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BREAKING NEWS: The story behind Pastor Essa Ogorry of FWF death in Port Harcourt

Pastor Essa Ogorry 

Pastor Essa Ogorry of Fulfilling Word Foundation Church is dead. He died earlier today. The man of God went viral recently when he cancelled a wedding in Port -Harcourt, because the groom reportedly arrived late even though some say it was because the pastor had some health issues.  

The pastor has been sick and hospitalized in Lagos hospital, he left his hospital bed and flew to Port Harcourt to join the couple but they did not arrive earlier enough. Groom and bride kept the sick aged pastor waiting, and the whole church for an hour.

When they eventually came in, Pastor was angry and worn from waiting.

He offered them two options :

1. Come into my office, I will join you there.

2. Allow another pastor, a junior pastor, to officiate the wedding.

Couple flares up, pastor walks out on them into his office.

Few minutes later... 

Headlines : Pastor cancels wedding after couple arrive five minutes late.

Blogs, newspapers, Facebook.. Everywhere was agog with curses for this man. For playing God, for attempting to ruin a beautiful day.

After his death, some people are saying its because he refused to the wed the couple that's why he died. Funny comments are coming up asking "Who is late now?"

Meanwhile, his wife died on the 16th of February 2020. He died exactly same day a year after his wife's death. Could there be a story line we are missing out about his death and that of his wife?

What are your views about this?

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